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Portobello mushroom burger

This grilled portobello mushroom burger is not only more healthy than a beef burger, it’s also super delicious and easy to make, plus, it functions the most amazing avocado chimichurri sauce!

My word for 2015 is continually ringing in my ears. “Enough. Enough. Ample.”

Now if I would just pay attention to it I’d be head and shoulders in front of the game instead of undertaking double duty making an attempt to catch up.

But when I’m ignoring my conscience and going along my route path, I have a constant reminder to place my word “Enough” into action. Kind of like the little angel who sits on my shoulder whispering subtle reminders of “do good” and “don’t be undesirable!” and “it’s okay to consider it effortless and not go overboard” like I’m performing once once more.

Be A lot more With Much less

The angel on my shoulder is my good friend Courtney. Courtney is 1 of my most significant inspirations/pals/mentors and she’s consistently reminding me to remind myself that ample is enough.

I’m her largest undertaking. Simply because I don’t pay attention. But I’m functioning on it.

Courtney has a weblog, too (she inspired me to begin mine) exactly where she talks about minimalism (I enjoy her tips, if I’d only heed it) and how to do a lot more with significantly less (straightforward is the new black!) Ironically it’s referred to as

Okay, it’s not ironic, she planned it that way. You genuinely require to check it out, she’s the genuine deal.

One of the projects she’s most effectively known for is her capsule wardrobe venture, Task 333, that even caught the eye of the grand dame Miss Oprah.

In Venture 333, Courtney difficulties and inspires followers to pare down and whittle away their closets to 33 things to mix and match into outfits for 3 months.

Sound limiting? You betcha. That’s the level to the challenge.

But if you feel about it, how several instances have you seeking in your closet complete of outfits and lamented you have practically nothing to dress in?

You know you wear that very same pair of jeans three times a week. And that 1 pair of boots have truly witnessed some mileage. And who doesn’t want to wrap up in that favourite slouchy sweater that paired with your 1 pair of black tights helps make you really feel like strutting the cat walk? You can do this, due to the fact you most likely currently are!

Introducing the Capsule Kitchen

Courtney’s now brought the base concept for Task 333 out of the closet and into the kitchen by generating a new challenge, The Capsule Kitchen Challenge. Equivalent to her capsule wardrobe challenge, she’s difficult us all to select 33 elements and combine them to create three months of meals.

“I designed the Capsule Kitchen to experiment with limits in the kitchen,” explains Courtney. “The capsule wardrobe challenge Undertaking 333 inspired the Capsule Kitchen, because just like when I would search in my complete closet and have absolutely nothing to dress in, when I looked in my complete refrigerator and pantry and nonetheless didn’t know what to make for dinner. I wanted to get rid of determination fatigue and see what I could produce with 33 things or much less.”

The results have been proof postitive. “After only a number of weeks in, I can already see the benefits,” she says.

Capsule Kitchen is a challenge /slash/ experiment to see if limiting your meals alternatives delivers health and way of life positive aspects.

Courtney is a company believer that when she has much less to select from she’s happier. Fewer choices equals significantly less temptation. Fewer selections suggest much less anxiety deciding what’s for dinner. Fewer choices can make for significantly less waste of foods that don’t operate together to make a meal.

Could you do generate your own Capsule Kitchen? There’s only a single way to locate out.

Sit Down Honey, Let Me Repair You Somethin’

I asked Courtney how I could assist. Realizing I’m a lot more about creating meals and significantly less about tossing away my “treasures” she stated she’d love a recipe that fit into her Capsule Kitchen. A dinner. One thing hearty but simple.

Now if there’s one particular thing I know about Courtney, it’s that she likes basic. And she loves avocados. And she’s a vegetarian. Simple peasy, I can do that. Portobello Burgers to the rescue.

About the Recipe

All of the elements for this recipe are incorporated in Courtney’s Capsule Kitchen ingredient checklist, and taste boosters like herbs and olive oil aren’t incorporated in the 33 so I was totally free to perform and improvise there.

As an alternative of mayo or mustard I developed a chimichurri sauce that Courtney introduced me to and I integrated in this quinoa salad recipe last 12 months. But this time I mixed it into a properly ripe avocado to give some severe taste to this burger.

I sauted the veggies but if you have been undertaking this on an outdoor grill, truly feel free of charge to grill the onions and peppers appropriate on up. Add the spinach to the hot veggies as soon as they’ve been pulled from the grill, give a great stir, and the heat must be enough to wilt and taste the spinach just appropriate.

Courtney requested I use a wheat flatbread pita for her base. Considering that I was making a single for myself (I ate Courtney’s version) and one for my guy (he’s not exactly into deprivation) he acquired the mushroom burger with a Shepherd’s Bun. And smoked mozzarella cheese. Due to the fact he’s gooey like that and portobello mushroom burgers just may possibly be a single of his top five sandwiches when he orders out.

If you make this recipe, please allow me know! Depart a comment beneath or take a photograph and tag me on Instagram or Twitter with #foodiecrush.

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