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French fries

french fries recipe with stage by step pictures – we adore french fries. who doesn’t. let me tell you that these french fries come extremely shut to the ones we get in mc donalds or any other rapidly food chains. they are crisp as well as soft from within and taste as well good.

i had got a couple of recipe requests for posting french fries. when i make french fries at home, i just chop the potatoes, rub some salt and directly fry them. the potatoes are not flawlessly crisp like the mc donald’s french fries – but for all of us, these homemade simple to prepare rapid french fries are alright.

when i acquired the requests, i searched a lot of recipes on the web for that excellent french fries. i stumbled upon many and they all tell me to parboil the potatoes 1st, then fry it not as soon as, but twice at various temperatures.

now currently being a busy girl, i can not afford to spend a significant chunk of my time cooking the potatoes, then cooling them, then frying them, cooling them and once more frying them.

so i gave up the quest for the excellent french fries and even if some recipe comes near to it, i will be much more than satisfied & content.

this is my buddy anamika’s recipe. she has kept it easy and simple.

an effortless technique to make french fries

in this technique, the potatoes are stored in cold water for thirty minutes. i truly kept the complete bowl of chopped potatoes with cold water in the fridge. then drained & dried the potatoes with a napkin and later on fried twice. yes to get that best crispy french fries, you need to fry them twice. you can fry the potatoes after if you want, but they will be significantly less crispy.

as a outcome of becoming fried twice, these french fries are crisp from outdoors and soft & tender from within. the way the french fries need to be.

this finger chips recipe can also be a navratri fasting recipe if you use rock salt (sendha namak).

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