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Buckeye balls

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Buckeye Balls with a creamy peanut butter middle and a rich chocolate coating are our favorite treat to make for the holidays. I’m not positive these chocolate/peanut butter buckeyes deliver you very good luck like buckeye nuts supposedly do, but they sure will carry a smile to your encounter.

My grandparents had a buckeye tree on their farm and I even now have a few buckeyes from that tree hiding in corners of my junk drawers. They must be at least 20 many years previous.

Peanut butter and chocolate buckeyes sure don’t last that long close to the residence. This recipe tends to make a huge batch, but they’ll be gone in a hurry since throughout the day you’ll say- Hmmmm….perhaps just one far more buckeye. You’ll say that ten times. At least. And so will every person else in your house.

Buckeye ball generating is a messy, child-pleasant exercise that my daughter has loved undertaking because she was just a tiny thing. You will get a workout getting the substances to come together for the peanut butter balls and it’s ideal to have a helper or two. The mixture may possibly seem to be crumbly at first, but it’s just due to the fact all the ingredients aren’t worked collectively adequate nevertheless. Go ahead and consider your rings off and give your hands a super great washing since you will require to use them. And you will feel like a kid once again producing mudpies in the sandbox.

My husband and daughter are the skilled buckeye ball makers in our loved ones. My daughter was the one who created this batch. They insist on forming the peanut butter mixture into three massive balls as soon as it is all mixed with each other and letting it “rest” in the fridge for about thirty minutes before forming into little balls. I’m the impatient one and I skip this stage when I make them.

You will want to make at least 2 batches of these because they will be a favorite on your Christmas cookie trays.

What is your favorite holiday deal with?

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