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Bread pudding sauce

This is 1 of my favorite breakfast recipes, ever ever ever.

1 fast query: is this breakfast? Forget that. In my residence, these days, it was breakfast.

1 point that should never ever be permitted to come about in the universe is waking up early on a non-operate day.

The neighborhood dogs right here in the Philippines need to have a lesson in the guidelines of the universe since this morning they woke me up at 6am. Following laying in bed and thinking villainous thoughts about how to get my hands on a few canine tranquilizers, intermingled with a handful of spiteful ideas about how in the planet Bjork can sleep by means of their barking and how he’s acquiring way much more sleep than me which is SO not honest, I determined to get up.

But you know what I often say?

The early bird gets the sauce.

Allllllllll to herself.

This is the epitome of bread pudding.

It’s so simple, so cozy, and so sticky in a way that can only be good with bread pudding. It’s so filled with juicy rum and butter raisins which I will make an exception for this time, and so best for soaking up a minor one thing named Scorching Butter Rum Sauce.

Which, in and of itself, makes this recipe well worth your whilst.

I guess there are a few great items about obtaining up early and primarily they are delivered on a fork and dripping with sugar.

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