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Cajun BBQ Shrimp is a single of the many exclusive and ubiquitous foods for which New Orleans is identified. The Crescent City has a lot of popular dishes — Jambalaya, Shrimp Creole, touffe, Gumbo, as just a couple of examples. Seafood genuinely shines right here. Crawfish, oysters, and of program, shrimp, perform leading roles in Cajun cuisine.

This barbecued shrimp recipe was developed to elevate the taste of the stunning, fresh gulf shrimp, offering it just the correct amount of Cajun spice. And of course, it has a lot of butter in it, so it’s a true Southern dish.

Cajun BBQ Shrimp

Cajun versus Creole

Why are we calling this Cajun BBQ Shrimp rather of Creole BBQ Shrimp? What’s the big difference amongst Creole and Cajun? The simplest explanation is that Creoles have been migrants who settled in urban locations, whereas Cajuns settled into more rural places, specifically in the Southwest.

While there are similarities, each group has their very own special cuisine, dialects and traditions. Echoes from their French, Spanish, African and American Indian forefathers can be observed and felt in the two cultures and cuisines. The blending of all of that heritage has some tasty outcomes that renders the cuisine from the region as deservedly planet-popular.

There are some distinct distinctions in the cuisine. Cajun recipes nearly never have tomatoes, although Creole heavily relies on their use. Because this recipe doesn’t involve tomatoes, it falls squarely in the class of Cajun cuisine. But, for the spice mix, Creole spice mixes and Cajun spice mixes are interchangeable.

We’ve integrated our Cajun spice mix recipe, but have a caveat. We generally use store-bought seasoning purely out of convenience. Our absolute favourite is Joe’s Things, which we get each and every time we pass by means of New Orleans. You can simply get it on-line as nicely.

1 of the rewards of Joe’s combine is that it’s considerably lower in salt than is typical. That stated, salt is nevertheless listed as the amount one ingredient.

The benefit in producing your own combine is the potential to manage the sodium articles. If you decide on to use a commercially accessible combine, taste it first and change the volume accordingly. This dish can simply get too salty if employing the wrong ready Cajun spice combine mix.

Historically, the Cajun BBQ shrimp are cooked entire, unshelled with the heads intact. I believe this in fact enhances the flavor of the dish, but it has a single disadvantage. It helps make things pretty messy to eat. Based on your dinner guests, you could want to peel and devein the shrimp, as we did in this recipe.

Or, get messy and be ready with tons of napkins!

Regardless of the identify of the dish, there is no barbecue concerned in its preparation. These shrimp are cooked in a pan on the stove. It’s really a rather swift and basic (and delightful) thing to put together. Go ahead and give it a attempt!

Serve the shrimp with a fresh sliced French baguette to sop up all of the sauce along with some additional scorching sauce (such as Crystal Louisiana Sizzling Sauce, which will bring the heat but not overwhelm the dish with also significantly vinegar).

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This Cajun BBQ Shrimp recipes combine fresh gulf shrimp with cajun flavors and tons of spicy deliciousness. Never fail to remember the French bread to mop up the sauce.

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