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Tragedy struck yesterday. I truthfully couldn’t be far more excited that it’s finally Tuesday. Simply because tragedy struck yesterday. I was making an attempt to make some molten lava cakes and I was failing fairly difficult. So I made a decision to go a various route that wouldn’t lead me into failure. Issue was, I spilled the molten lava cakes all over the place and had slippery chocolate fingers, which led me to drop the basket of my air fryer and dent it. Now it doesn’t fit in my air fryer accurately. That meant I couldn’t make my Creamy Garlic Air Fryer Potatoes. It was all really upsetting. New recipe failure then a dinner failure. It was a Monday I don’t care to relive.

And it actually doesn’t make sense that it was this kind of a undesirable Monday because it was an awesome weekend. It was the most social I’ve been in at least 7 years. You see, I don’t adore currently being excessively social come weekends. I don’t like going out to sh*tty bars or ordering crappy drinks although producing small talk with friends I haven’t noticed in a while. But my husband is truly good at that. And problem is, he has about a million close friends to maintain up with. So I pulled on my massive woman pants over the weekend and I pretended to be a social butterfly as considerably as achievable. Massive crowds give me nervousness and little speak offers me even a lot more nervousness. I’m considerably far more of a a single-on-one particular variety of individual.

Which was best for our double date with two of our close friends on Saturday! We are so fortunate to have some bomb ass neighbors who have now turn out to be our close friends, also. The man golfs with my husband and the lady likes to workout and consume scrumptious meals as much as I do. And she’s an amazing photographer who is just kicking off her photography enterprise. We just shot some images together for this publish final week and she braved 9 degree climate for me to get the shot. She’s the best. So on Saturday evening, we all grabbed sushi together then we went to Comedy Performs the place we noticed Eric Griffin. And he was Awesome!! I laughed so tough that I couldn’t breathe and imagined I would pass out at one level. Getting a comedian need to be so damn tough and for me to laugh the Whole time says something. I have a cold soul, as you might know from reading through this site regularly.

But anywho, it’s now Tuesday and I’m ready to have the best week but, filled with non-broken appliances and some time to myself, not creating little speak in massive groups of people. And I’m going to kick that week off by generating these chicken thighs. I go in spurts of producing chicken thighs every day then forgetting about them for a while. But I’m back on that train simply because skin-on chicken thighs in the air fryer are Existence Altering!! It’s the crispiest skin of all time with the most moist chicken you’ll ever eat. And quit currently being grossed out by the word moist. It functions right here, okay?

PS have you seen the new season of Real Detective? I’m two episodes in and currently obsessed!

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